The Code of ConductEdit

1) No harassing

2) No saying hurtful things

3) No saying things that can hurt/offend others or founder.

4) No spamming

5) No blocking for no reason

6) No cyberbullies.

7) No blocking unless if you leave a message on Thirteen Zimmer's/Percy Jackson & The Olympians' wall

8) No causing drama

9) No swearing

10) No making disrespectful remarks about another user.

11) No doing editing the wiki names


Rule 1: Blocked for 2 weeks

Rule 2: Blocked for 1 week

Rule 3: Blocked for 2 weeks

Rule 4: 48 hours

Rule 5: 3 weeks

Rule 6: 1 month

Rule 7: 1-7 days

Rule 8: 72 hours

Rule 9: 1 week

Rule 10: 2 weeks

Rule 11: 1 or 2 days

Any serious offences may result in a longer block or permanent banning.


Yes. By accident I spammed. Can I apologize or do I still have to get blocked?

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