Well, thank nick for this. Nick is doing kids pick the president for americans and the winner was revealed less than an hour ago. It was Hillary! :D Yes! So I decided to see what was left, and a quiz popped up for "What kind of president would you be?" I took it and got this newspaper from nick:

So I have decided to make my own newspaper as if I were president of united states. 

19-Year-Old becomes president!

November 2, 2024

19-year-old Percy becomes president. Now America can live normal again. He is proud to be taken the white house in honor. He is going to bring homework reform. He says that "Kids and Teenagers need to have more spare time instead of homework all the time" Also schools will have a invest of $2,250 each month extra for more supplies.

He is going to let Google remove phone numbers and use emails. Gmail shall become real email, and google shall be meant for kids as well. Summer Vacations must be 25% off.

He is going to make Fandom get watched of behavoir.

-GammaRay1- will be vice president.

All schools will have chromebooks and have smart boards turned to thin TVs.

By Anna

So yeah... what will you do if you are president/prime minister/king or queen?