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Chapter 1- I accidently arrive at the Zimmer Twins building

Okay, okay, okay. Did you just grab this book because you were bored? Well I hope not, because this is the story based on my adventure. Okay so anyway here is my story.

It was January 3rd, 2016. The school day was over and I decided to walk to the libary. Immeditaly a book spotted my eye. "Sir" The Librarian said quietly "Your libary card." "Oh, sorry." I gave her my card. And then I headed to the book. I took it and soonly I felt the magic form around me. I read the old brown cover "Stories on the Zimmer Twins building" I checked out the book and I started to read it. It was based on severeal kids that are there. "Blahbumain, -GammaRay-, Pumkin316, Rad256." And then I found "Emr247" and that's when I knew that if this was real or not. It revealed where she lived-I mean if. But it was across America. I didn't want to go. And then I read this line: "If this book is kept for 20 days, a seagull will come and take you to the building. It is the only way there."

It hit me- I should expirment and see if it was true. Through the 20 days I read and read. 20 days gone by and no sight of any seagull. I decided to hang out at my friends house and play outside. We played in the cold snow and then, the seagull came in sight. 6:05pm. And it makes sence; it was real. But the seagull came toward me: This wasn't to go over without a fight;

I ducked in action. The seagull misses. Then its talons aiming at my shoulders. Trying to aviod the seagull's talons. And then I fainted in the snow. And the seagull took me away. 2 hours later I laid in a bed. With 1 other girl.

It was that emr247 girl I met in the book. I speaked, but then- "I love this movie, it's..." I shut my mouth wondering what I said. I tried speaking again "Some cool..." I realized- I couldn't speak normal. I needed help. I tried asking Emr247. But what she said was "Newbie, huh?" "I agree!" "If you want to find VIP, just go to nessa and ask her." I knew to do.

I went to nessa's room and all she said was "If you VIP, you must go on a quest." Well whatever that could get me out of here. But I was still weak. I just decided to write things down and wait on the quest. I accepted to just wait. 

Hope you enjoyed the bigening.